It’s Time to Heal the Trauma

We may each have a Kavanaugh in our past. I certainly do and most of the women I know do. #MeToo. We may also commonly share a cloudy memory of what actually happened that time when a male took advantage of us. Likely, there were mind-altering substances involved; alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, to name a few. […]

Daily Struggle with Self Worth; a Conversation with My Higher Self

I live on a daily diet of questioning my self worth. There is a constant, “you’re not doing this right.” A persistent pulse of, “what were you thinking?” And the repetitive background noise of, “you are not good enough.” How is this still a thing? Most of the time, I am too busy to listen […]

Curing Over-Exertion Flu with Homeopathy

Its always a mystery when I feel ill, mostly because I so rarely get sick anymore and also because I’ve used homeopathic medicine for my primary wellbeing for the past 30 years. It helps to relish a mystery and to channel your inner detective in order to determine which homeopathic medicine is the right one for you […]

Celebrating my first Plantain Spit Poultice

What? or Why? seem to be the most likely responses to my title, “Celebrating my first Plantain Spit Poultice.” I’d always heard that plantain was good for mosquito bites, but had yet to try it directly on myself. When I got bit today and watched yet again my typical response to bug bites; the standard […]