Reiki After-care

Self-care after Reiki session

watercolor representation of toxin releaseWhat is Reiki After-care?

You have just experienced a deeply relaxing, bliss-filled Reiki session and then several hours or days later, you start to feel out-of-sorts.

This is a natural response to deep healing– toxins are being released.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel temporary discomfort hours or days after receiving a Reiki session?

Why is Reiki After-care needed?

You might be experiencing what is known as a Herxheimer reaction. This common reaction occurs as the body releases and removes toxins. Typically, you might feel fatigued, achy, sick or other symptoms while this release is occurring. Fortunately, this is usually a short-lived episode which passes in a few days.

Practice self-care

Proactively, it is recommended to drink lots of water for 48 hours to help flush out any toxins released after the Reiki session. It is especially helpful to schedule some down time after a Reiki session, to give yourself time to recover.

How does Reiki promote the release toxins?

Reiki is a form of Divine Light which helps release congestion that has accumulated in your body, mind and spirit. When this old, stuck energy is transformed by this Light, toxins are released from the tissues and then need to exit the body.

How does Reiki After-care help?

To facilitate this release of toxins, it is helpful to soak your feet in warm water and salt: Epsom, Himalayan or Dead Sea salts. Taking gentle walks helps to keep the energy moving as it is processing out. My favorite self-care is to drink powdered Vitamin C in water daily, take Magnesium drops and use Perelandra flower essences, especially ETS daily.

I always feel better once the toxins have released

I have been receiving bodywork for over three decades and am very familiar with these reactions. Initially, I might wonder what’s wrong with me, until my intuition reminds me that it is just another healing reaction. Experience has taught me that I will feel even better once the toxins pass through.

The good news is, that this too shall pass.

I usually feel so much better a few days after any type of bodywork session, once my body has adjusted to the shifts.

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