My old friends are still here….

Time was spent happily with the perennial beds this weekend; weeding interspersed itself amoung the other things on the ‘to-do’ list. It was five-minute bursts of weed-pulling out in the beautiful spring weather,getting plenty of dirt under my finger nails and then remembering what else needed to get done, cleaning the nails again and knocking off another item on the ‘to-do’ list.

My gardens are full of all my old friends; a living scrapbook of the lives with which I have shared. I was pleasantly reminded of all the folks who have shared plants with me; and although many of these folks are no longer part of my life, their plants still are.

Now, as I gaze upon nature in all her glory, I have the option of what part of past relationships to remember in the midst of all this beauty. Choosing to treasure the fond memories as I look at the plants comes easily this year and I don’t dwell on the reasons we have chosen to part ways.

I am grateful for these people and for the role they played in my life in the past. I am grateful for the support they once offered me and for all the shared experiences.

I am also grateful that I no longer long for their company, as this indicates to me that I have moved on in my life and that I am at peace with life’s many changes. Finally, I am grateful to know that it is really “ok” for people to change, to grow, to follow their heart and to need different people around them who reflect these changes back to them.

Sharing a plant with someone is a sacred act; you are sharing a living organism with someone whom you trust to take good care of your “baby.” When I look at a plant, I am immediately linked to the person who gave me the plant. I am reminded of their generosity and that there is generosity in the world. I am reminded of this person’s special qualities and value the chance I had to be in the presence of those qualities for a time.

Of all the gifts I have been given, plant-givers hold a special place in my heart. It’s as if I have a permanent opening for them, an opening to connect back to me if they choose to re-connect on a heart level.

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