Are you smiling on the inside?

I have this internal knowing that is very clear the moment I open my eyes in the morning and realize a new day has begun.

In an instant, I know if my energy is high or low, humming or depleted.

Today, I woke up somewhere in the middle; not exactly humming and not exactly low.

I am always especially grateful for the humming days, as I feel like I must be “doing everything right” to be keeping my energy balanced and “humming.”

It occurs to me, where my newest learning is, is to be grateful that I have this instant energy gauge in my body at all.

I also see this as an opportunity to release yet another layer of the continuum, “there is a wrong and a right” vs. there is no wrong and no right—only opportunities to love myself no matter what.

Once again, it IS all about LOVE.

So I breathe out, literally breathe out this statement; “there is something wrong with me” and I release it as far back as it connects to me…..even if it connects to great, great aunt Martha, who I never met.

I breathe in self-love from the Universe, from the Divine and I am ready to begin another grace-filled day.

This photo was taken about 30 years ago by Michael Wisniewski, using an SEM (scanning electron microscope) and these are the embryonic (newborn) leaves of a Sweetgum tree (Hamamelidaceae– Liquidambar styraciflua). These guys are hiding out there in nature right now, under the bud scales at the tips of branches on the sweetgum trees. Once these leaves ‘grow up’, they look like a five pointed star or an open hand.

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