How to Live Your Life with the Flow

the path in the woods helps you to learn How to Live Your Life with the FlowWhat if you found yourself on a journey without a plan, a map or a timeline?

Sometimes in life, we go beyond our comfort zone and wonder how to navigate this uncharted territory. As creatures of habit; we prefer being in control with a nod to being creative and spontaneous.

Isn’t it time you learned how to live your life with the flow? One of my native American mentors used to encourage me to “stop pushing the river”….just go with the flow. Listening to your gut is key to going with the flow.

What if there was a way to put the controlling side of yourself into the back seat for part of the journey?

Turning control over to your gut knowing, which always knows what is best for you in any given moment.

Why is it so difficult to stay connected to our gut and effortlessly follow our intuition, our inner guidance?

There’s so much static in our heads and in our minds, that it distracts us from being in our bodies.  Similar to being simultaneously bombarded by numerous radio stations, we are immersed in distortions and static.

One might have a radio station playing from childhood that sounds a lot like a parents’ voice. Or a radio station sounding like one’s old friends. Even a radio station could be playing in your head that sounds like your partner (or ex-partner). And hopefully, there’s also an inner voice that sounds like the real you.

Trying to listen to all these different voices or even trying to appease all these different opinions is absolutely impossible.

How do we solve the static dilemma?

How do we finally put our needs first? We begin by clearing out the layers that keep the old radio stations activated. By breathing light into our pile of fears, anxieties and worries and allowing the light to transform that pile so that it can be breathed out, we literally lighten our load.

It’s a gradual process; clearing out the numerous piles of outdated, mental-emotional material, that we carry around with us

Chipping away at your pile of hatred, anger and hurt and at your pile of sadness, grief and sorrow can be a very satisfying self-healing process. This Breathe in Light Technique; ‘Bright’ is a very effective, yet simple process which provides results each time you use it.

Are you ready to lighten your load?

Are you tired of being distracted by the static in your own head?  Ready to imagine a life that flows effortlessly through you, while focusing on what is best for you? Looking for relief and a sense of peace and calm?

My new book, Restore Your Self, Introducing the Breathe in Light Technique; ‘Bright’ could be the key to helping you discover how to navigate through your own inner workings of your body, mind and spirit. Allow ‘Bright’ to help you heal, transform and release your backlog of fears, anger and grief, so that the overreactive part of you can finally take a break. You deserve some peace of mind and compassion for your journey.

Download the Breathe in Light technique here.

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