The Gift and Blessing from Mary

I’m a believer; it’s true, I have already drank the kool-aid in the realm of Spirituality and still I am humbled and awed by the healing I received within the “Mary House” in a recent visit to Turkey.  I have been experiencing the amazing realm of our Spiritual nature for decades now and have learned how to spontaneously ask for healing at various sacred sights around the world and how also to tap into that limitless Divine healing energy in the privacy of my own Reiki practice, out in Nature and also in the sanctity of my own humble abode.  We all have access to the Divine and to Divine healing; our only impediment to receiving it is usually our own disbelief and our lack of understanding of how to “ask and you shall receive.”


My good fortune lately is to finally be able to accompany my husband on his numerous scientific “business” trips around the world. While I had looked forward to our upcoming trip to Turkey, I had not really taken the time to explore the literature ahead of time to see what we were going to be able to see while there. It is consistently overwhelming to me to look through a tour guide book for a city or country where I have not yet been, before I get there; it just seems like way too much information to take in. I usually use the excuse that I didn’t have time to look at the tour book before the trip and as soon as we land in the country we are going to visit, then I am super motivated to read all about the city we are in and to try to figure out what is best to do there. It always seems to workout, and while more pre-planning might be helpful, we seem to do just fine in our less prepared state.


Istanbul was to be our first stop in Turkey and we spent three and a half days exploring with dear friends from Israel. Our Muslim friends got us into the praying side of the Blue Mosque and we got the inside view, despite the guards attempts to keep the white people out of that side. It’s a shame they don’t understand that anyone can respect the sacredness of a holy site. We took a scenic boat trip up the Bosphorus Straight which lies between the Asian side and the European sides of Turkey and we got to taste some of the oldest type of yogurt which is made along the Bosphorus. We explored the Turkish wares in the Grand Bazaar, a maze of narrow streets filled with hundreds of little shops with their over zealous merchants selling their endless supply of colorful Turkish clothes, pottery, shoes and Turkish delight candies.


The only way I, as an extremely sensitive person, can survive in the onslaught of humanity found in these bustling tourist filled cities, is to ask for Divine protection. I continually imagined myself surrounded by Divine Light and I always asked for Divine light to fill any environs that I was visiting to help balance and clear the congested energy there. I have felt these two techniques to be quite helpful and it usually allows me to feel comfortable and relaxed where ever I visit. I am also quite sure that it has the effect of leaving the area… “cleaner than I found it”( cleaner, brighter, more light-filled, more energized, etc).


Our next stop was Izmir which is located on the Gulf of Izmir and is Turkey’s third largest populated city. Our host, Pervin, was from Izmir and she was the person who was putting on the scientific conference we were headed to in Kusadasi. She showed us around the city before we joined her husband for dinner at the University’s outdoor restaurant located in a lovely set of woods; dining under the trees with lights strung in them was delightful. The next day was my birthday, so that added a nice aspect to the day. Pervin gave us a whirlwind walking tour of the city, with a pit stop in the Old Bazaar  for traditional Turkish tea with Turkish delight, then more shopping in there with a final stop at a traditional Turkish restaurant in the bazaar for a late lunch. It seemed like every dish we ate had a huge dollop of yogurt on top and it was all very tasty. We then headed to our hotel to retrieve our bags and drove in two cars to Kusadasi. The two young graduate students who drove our car played modern Turkish music for us from their thumb drive plugged into the car radio. After the hour long drive to Kusadasi, I found out how enjoyable their music was and insisted that they download it onto my laptop.


Unfortunately, something I ate on our adventures that day started to upset my digestion, so I spent the supper hour and evening bringing it back into balance with my ready supply of homeopathic medicines, my colloidal silver drops and by singing healing mantras. I was determined to prevent the demise of my digestion and I succeeded; even if it was a pretty boring way to spend my birthday evening. The next morning I felt fine and a little weak. When I went down to the breakfast buffet (salads, soups, eggs, sausages, sweetrolls, cereals, yogurts, fruits,etc.) I felt like a person with morning sickness; as I lifted back the silver, shiny, round metal lids covering each cooked dish, my gut would give me a yes or a no, and in this case, I mean, no, no, no, no, and no. The only food that my body gave me a yes for was for two croissants with honey.


After breakfast, our host, Pervin took us to the ancient ruins of Ephesus which was started by the Greeks and taken over by the Romans. We spent two and a half hours walking through the most extensive Roman ruins I have ever seen and by the end of the tour, I was  feeling incredibly weak and over heated by the sunny day. I went on ahead towards the end of the ruins to rest and to wait for Michael and Pervin to finish looking at everything in Ephesus. Then we were driven to the “Mary House.”


This house is very near Ephesus and is actually a small stone chapel built over the ruins of what is believed to be the house where Mother Mary lived after Christ was killed. It is said that Christ asked John the Evangelist to take care of his mother after he died.  John and Mother Mary traveled to Turkey and that is where they stayed.  So now, it is essentially a Mary shrine where pilgrims from all over the world come to pray and to ask for healing and to drink the holy spring water. We walked through the one room chapel and I ended up at the end of a group. I saw a priest giving a blessing to someone one off to the left of the small altar at the front ofthe chapel. There were no chairs in the room, only the altar. I asked the priest for a blessing, he asked me where I was from and if I knew the rosary. I told him I was from USA and that I did know the rosary. So he asked me to pray one Hail Mary with him.  Then he sprinkled me with holy water with his silver shaker and walked out of the chapel.


At that point, I was all alone in the chapel and as I still felt weak, I leaned against the left wall and began to ask for healing. I prayed silently and I asked to receive all the healing energy available to me now and I asked for healing from Mother Mary, from God, from the angels. I soon felt healing energy coming in through the top of my head and I felt the vibration of that energy pulsing throughout my entire body. I felt at peace and I also asked for healing energy for my friend Sandra who was suffering with cancer. I stayed in the chapel for about 10 minutes alone and then I walked out through the adjoining alcove room and noticed the framed gifts on the walls from two of the popes who had visited there in previous years. As I walked out of the building to the outside, I was immediately struck by how good I felt, how energized I felt and how my energy level felt like it was back to normal and then some. I recognized that I had just received a healing from Mary, from God and from the Angels. We got in line to use the spring water which was pouring out of the rock wall and we all washed our hands in it. As we walked by the outdoor gift shop, I realized that I needed to buy my mother and myself, Mary statues and some of the holy spring water.


I have been blessed to have received numerous profound healings in my lifetime and so I am familiar with some of the side benefits of such experiences. For me, these events permanently increase: my intuition, my intuitive abilities and likewise my effectiveness in my Reiki sessions on my clients. Ever since my trip to Turkey, I have noticed a great increase in what I have been able to sense in my clients and have been able to discover old injuries or traumas which are impeding normal energy flow in the body. Once we discover old injuries, we can then reverse a large portion of the damage by addressing the emotional, mental and physical levels and by using Reiki and Divine healing light to transform and heal them. This allows the whole body to raise its own level of health.


I am a believer that everything can be healed, no matter how old, no matter how complex, no matter how traumatic in origin. I am still discovering more about the aspects of me that were healed in this blessing from Mary. I also know that healing takes many forms and sometimes it even takes the form of death. I have witnessed wide ranges of healing in humanity, in Reiki clients and in myself.  I accept all forms of healing, just as I accept all forms of love. I ask for Divine Light to bless all who read this and I intend that all may be uplifted by my words.


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