Painting the Walls Changes the View

painting the walls, changes the view in the old home office

 Transformation opportunities arise

Last Autumn, I ended up having a lot of time alone and a lot of time to do projects on my own. During that time, my husband was undertaking a six-week walking pilgrimage on the El Camino de Santiago where he walked 500 miles.

I looked forward to the time alone and to re-organizing parts of the house. Reorganizing my house set off a domino effect which resulted in me painting the walls and changing my view.

At the time, I had just accomplished a major life goal, having published my first book at the beginning of October and completed a 30-year writing journey. Because of this, I had a feeling that I might end up doing YouTube videos about my book’s self-healing technique and I felt like I needed to paint my home office to get ready for that. Or at least that’s what I thought I was doing it for.

Painting the walls changes the view more than one expects.

Paying attention to your nudges

My intuition has always been strong, and I always seem to get little nudges every day about what I need to do. Through this process, I discover what is best for me to do next. Other ideas arise suggesting future undertakings.

Whenever I receive an idea from Spirit, from my intuition, I feel into it and sense whether it feels right. And when it feels right, I take action. If I am able, I will run with it as soon as I can.

I don’t usually spend a lot of time analyzing the idea or trying to understand the ins and outs of it too intently. I am quite happy to feel the excitement of a new possibility and to begin the endeavor towards it.

Sometimes I get tricked into taking action

Spirit (or my higher Self) has been able to trick me into my own self growth over and over. No sooner will I have started a small project, when it turns into a larger one unexpectedly. And once again, I realize that Spirit has tricked me into taking steps which keep me moving forward.

You don’t need to know it all (really)

I have learned over the decades that I don’t need to know the end result or all the steps it takes to get to the end result. Before I take action on a new idea that feels right, I will just need to know the first step or two. I will then move forward in the direction of that loosely defined goal.

My goal to paint my home office seemed simple enough. I arranged to have someone do the bulk of the painting, with me painting only the trim and closet doors. I was also in charge of moving all of the furniture, pictures and books.

We realized that my chosen dark brown paint was too dark. I bought a second gallon of paint in a lighter shade of brown to use on half the walls. The doors and trim were painted white. My painter commented that we still had a lot of paint leftover. Apparently, I had enough paint for another room.

While putting my home office back together, I decreased how many pictures went onto the walls and how many books went back into the shelves. Otherwise, I kept the basic arrangement of the furniture the same, with my desk facing the door, with one window at my back and one at my left.

Unexpected opportunities during unprecedented times

A few months later, the Covid pandemic began and how I held sessions with my reiki clients drastically changed. I began offering remote or distant Reiki sessions via zoom, FaceTime or by phone with great result. The distance Reiki session results were better than I could have ever predicted. I also began offering a weekly distant Reiki share via zoom. As a result, I was now using my home office and my home computer more than I had ever imagined.

I recently viewed Kelly Notaras’ YouTube video on how to make YouTube videos and realized that my desk/computer arrangement was not optimal. One needs to take advantage of light coming in from the windows instead of trying to block the light coming from the windows. I realized then that I had to re-arrange my desk and re-paint my white office doors to dark brown so that they would be a nicer backdrop behind me.

The domino effect ripples out

Somehow after stirring all those pots of paint, literally and figuratively, I got the wild idea that I also needed to paint my town office the same colors. And that I needed to do it immediately. Something about striking while the iron is hot… So, I immediately began the process of taking apart my town office.  I moved all the furniture into the lobby and into my supply room. Taking the numerous certificates and pictures off the walls and taking the hooks off the walls became the next chore.

What? I didn’t see this coming!

It was only as I began to take all the things off the walls that I realized once again, Spirit had tricked me into taking more big steps on my path. It is actually no small thing to say goodbye to the rose-pink walls that had been there for 16 years. It was time to change the energy.

I decided that I would do all the work myself this time. Patching the holes in the walls, taping the edges, cutting in the wall corners, painting and touch up were lovingly done by me.

Amazingly, I got the painting done on a Saturday and a Sunday, while I watched and listened to AMMA from India, Amanda Ellis from England and Elizabeth Peru from Australia. Spiritual teachings were painted into my walls.

Surprising outcomes from following where Spirit leads

I put the furniture back into the room and then had another Aha! moment. There really was no point in putting anything back onto the walls yet, for I really don’t know who I will be in March 2021 when I planned on re-opening my office.

All I did know, was that my town office has been reborn and was ready for a new future. And my home office has been reborn into my personal healing/meditation center where I meet my Reiki / Bright clients via the airwaves.

So far, I have done dozens of Reiki sessions with people in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Spain, West Virginia, to name a few. And my weekly distant Reiki share brings people together from all over the United States. We are blessed.

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