Marriage Blessing brings gift of Energy

Creator, Infinite Spirit,

We gather together this day to celebrate and to honor this marriage.

We acknowledge this marriage to be based on

love, faith, hope and trust.

Creator, Infinite Spirit,

We ask for a Blessing.

We ask that the Angels and Archangels join together in

Blessing this marriage.

We are grateful for the continuous Grace which surrounds this couple and their life together.

We are grateful for Divine Love and Light surrounding them and guiding them through both, life’s challenges and through life’s celebrations.

Creator, hear our prayer for a Divine Blessing on

this couple.

Help them to know Creator that they are never alone and are continually supported by your Divine Love and Guidance.

Bless this marriage, Creator and fill their hearts with love and compassion for one another.

Guide them through their future, Creator,

help them heal their past together and

help them to be present to one another with each new day.

We are grateful for these blessings.


A couple of years ago, my partner and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. This prayer came to me on my morning walk and I jotted it down as I walked. After my walk, I promptly entered the prayer into the computer and once I had done that, my intuition guided me to beam it via email to all our friends and family. I asked each person to read this prayer with us in mind, to help us bless our marriage. We received such a gift of energy from the Universe as a result of this prayer being read with us in mind. The healing energy literally gave our relationship a boost and helped to move it into it’s next step of evolution.

I offer this prayer to anyone who needs it or chooses to use it. I also offer it to a dear couple who was recently wed; whose hearts are filled with deepest love for one another and who celebrated their day, deep inside the earth’s caves–now that’s a grounded marriage.

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