Gratitude changes your attitude

and how to tap into that memory energy

Gratitude is contagious

I am grateful for all that I have received. I am reliving some of the memories from a special time and it is literally raising me up out of the darkness. There is darkness and there is stillness and the two are not the same. I prefer stillness which brings me light, however, at the other side of the darkness there is also light. In the missing of the light, during the darkness, it almost makes the regaining of the light that much sweeter. Regardless, light is streaming in as I listen to Deva Premal sing the Gayatri Mantra.

Grateful for this special trip

I traveled to Sedona with a dear friend Hali and we set the intentions early in the planning of the trip to receive all that Sedona had to offer on all levels. As a result, every aspect of the journey was magical, as we reveled in being supported fully by the Universe. There are times in your life when all your stars line up and this creates amazing opportunities—and as we go through them we may not realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it will never come round again. So I look back today in gratitude and I tap into that flow of memory energy and use it to heal my soul’s experience in the physical this day.

I’ll be your SO– wink

We arrived at the rental car counter eager to begin our drive from Phoenix to Sedona. The clerk is explaining to me that I can arrange for my ‘significant other’ to drive the car for free, but I would have to pay for anyone else to drive the car. Glancing at Hali, I quickly indicated that she was indeed my SO, especially if the SO drove the rental for free. This gave us plenty to kid about for the next nine days. It’s a big commitment having an SO don’t you know.

Our stars truly lined up

Just in case you don’t know what it means to have all your stars lined up; I refer to my favorite Goethe quote; Until one is committed……All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. We lined up the perfect place to stay, in a condo in a golf community, very near the Bell Rock Vortex; owned by my 80 year old Tai Chi student’s sister.

Concert drops into our awareness

The first morning in Sedona, we stopped for breakfast at a little diner and while reading the local newspaper we discover that Deva Premal is having a concert that night at the local high school auditorium. We immediately call the contact number and we are informed that it is already sold out, but that we should come to the door anyway, it’s likely that there will be a few tickets not used. Of course, when we got there later that evening, they had two tickets left and we were privileged to experience Deva Premal and Miten singing; and we also enjoyed the phenomenal experience of the whole audience joining in singing the chants with them.

Healing conference gifts

Holographic Repatterning (now named Resonance Repatterning) was having its annual conference in Sedona and that is what we had mainly come to participate in. The fact that Bruce Lipton would be speaking there was icing on the cake and so was the night we ate dinner with him. The fact that John Barnes’ “Therapy on the Rocksmyofascial release healing center was in Sedona was icing on the icing, as would be the three sessions I received from them while I was there. Getting to meet the birth card ladies; Susan Hathaway and Debbie Crick was brilliant as were the card readings we received from them.

Vortexes and Sedona beauty

And then there is Sedona, with all the beauty, the red rocks, the wonderful energy present at the Vortexes–it is a thing we learn; you will get back ten-fold that which you send into an experience. We intended to tap into the highest level of healing at each of the vortexes and that is what we received….drumming at sunset on the Bell Rock, drumming at sunrise at the airport vortex, listening to the spirit guides laughing at the tourists who were ‘looking for the vortex’ at the Boyton Canyon Vortex–ahh, the coyote trickster energy is strong there.

Delightful meals

Every meal we ate in Sedona was a delight, from the late night Thai food, to the delicious Indian food and even the Mexican food. The road trip to the Grand Canyon was effortless thanks to the Perelandra flower essences easing the impact from the altitude changes and everyone needs to try viewing the canyon with earplugs–tune out the world and make it your own–I highly recommend it.

Healing memory heals me again

All in all, I have this memory energy inside me and it is there to heal me whenever I need it. Gratitude changes the attitude. Thank God.

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