Are you responsible or committed?

For the past couple of weeks this question has been posed by numerous clients. Are you responsible or committed? In my Reiki treatments of clients I tend to see themes which last for a period of time, where literally every person that comes in to see me has the same issue. This fact alone used to wig me out, ie. make me question myself and my reality and my abilities… now that I have noticed patterns happening in my mentoring work for the past 15 years, I am comfortable with this part of my reality.

One aspect of my life I am grateful for is being able to trade my Reiki services for massages, myofascial release sessions, breathwork, etc. A side benefit of all the bodywork trades I have done over the past 15 years, is hearing about similar shared experiences with bodyworkers, who will also see everyone coming in with the same shoulder issue for weeks at a time.

You might be curious how there can be actual themes for things that need healing in our lives. Having pondered this for years, I’ll share my theory. These themes are the result of the changing influences we are under–literally under, as the influences of which I am speaking are the planetary influences.

Astrology is real, the frequencies coming in from the planets are real and they do come in different “flavors.” Before you stop reading–hear me out.
There is one planet no one can ignore it’s frequencies. The sun’s influence is quite strong and quite easily felt. The moon has effects which also can be documented. Why then, do we draw the line for the rest of the planets; who clearly also have frequencies which occur on more subtle levels?

I don’t pretend to understand everything about astrology, I enjoy my amateur status and open curiosity. The good news is that I can see patterns in my Reiki practice without knowing which planet caused what. My clients can heal themselves without this information also. Once I figured out these patterns are influenced by the movements of the heavens, I moved on to the real question; what’s the most efficient way to create a healing opportunity for all involved?

Back to the ‘flavor of the month’, as I call it. Responsibility or Commitment, that is the question. Many of us are stuck in our lives because we do not want to take responsibility for our actions or even take responsible actions at all. In fact, anything that smacks of responsibility leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Why has being responsible become such a negative?

Look no further than your own childhood. Mom is yelling throughout the house, “who is responsible for this mess?” (If I had a nickel…) In my childhood with three siblings, it was a miraculous event when one of us claimed responsibility for “the mess.” More frequently we relied on the “not me” theory of explanation, which naturally implied that there really are aliens and that they are very messy. Avoidance was mastered early in my house of pain, because that would always be the result of ‘taking responsibility for your actions.’ Not to blame mom at all, she was doing her job as best she could. I may even have to admit to similar experiences in my own children’s lives–you know, before I healed all my stuff–right. (still in process, process, process)

Fear of responsibility is born of similar circumstances to these and by the time we are adults, we may be quite skewed in this area. The good news is that this too can be healed. Releasing old fears, old hatreds, old angers and old guilts paves the way for new choices and new beginnings. Re-committing to yourself is the first step, I now commit to my true self and allow that aspect to shine through me. Gradually, as our comfort with commitment increases, we find it easier to commit to things around us. Eventually, the word responsibility may lose it’s bad connotation–it is a great word. In Jamie Sam’s Sacred Path cards, she has a great description of responsibility–it is our ability to respond.
I think we all would like that in our lives.

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