Three death day

I embrace death yet it still knocks me over,
I welcome peace for the suffering yet find no peace tonight,
I appreciate our continued journey on the other side yet resent living without them,
I know infinite ways to heal the heart, but cannot now stop my heart from breaking.

Death takes my breath away
the kick in the chest we never see coming
The timing is not our own
The hole is wholly our own

Rest in peace young Ronnie
Death at 25 feels like robbery
May your family find Divine Grace
And may peace surround you

Blessings on the faerie Makana,
Your touch was ever Light on this Earth,
Gracious teacher, offered lessons to us all,
grateful our Earthly paths crossed, waiting for our Spirits to find one another again.

Brilliance is never easy to let go of,
For the last few months of Anthony’s life all I could feel was the family’s pain,
And now it is beyond beyond,
We cannot stay here, we have to leave, we have to find our Light
The gift of appearing healthy while the brain tumor has its way,
turns quickly sour once the soul has flown away.

Time will heal us all,
Lightness will again fill our hearts
Quickness, our step,
Acceptance is on the horizon.

May you find the healing tools you need,
Homeopathic medicines Ignatia and Nat mur are ever helpful to the bereaved, and
Bach flower essence “rescue remedy” can provide daily support.

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