Skunked through an open window

~ 2 stories up…let the healing opportunities abound

strolling baby skunks remind me of time I got skunked through an open window

Skunks are always around in the summers

I have smelled the scent of skunks wafting in through my open windows at night in our home, every summer for the past 28 years. But last night was the first time the scent was so strong that it made me ill. In the wee hours of the night, I woke in the dark, to my second-story bedroom filled with the acrid smell of skunk spray.

Who knew skunks could make you ill?

My first reaction was to panic, as the smell was so overwhelming. I immediately shut the window and tried to go back to sleep. In retrospect, I should have immediately done more to air out the room through the door and the hallway window. I am not sure if I got back to sleep. About 45 minutes later, my abdomen started cramping up. I spent the next hour in the bathroom. I knew I had gotten sick from the skunk spray.

Time to pull out all the self-healing techniques

I used all the healing tools I could. I did my Breathe in Light technique and breathed out shock and trauma. Breathing in light and breathing out the energetic remnants of the skunk spray helped tremendously.

Opening up an emergency MAP coning helped me deal with the physical and emotional upset. Asking my angels to help me brought relief. Doing self- Reiki on my abdomen helped to calm down. Eventually, I was able to go back to bed to sleep for a few more hours.

Self-healing techniques bring layer after layer back into balance

When I awoke, I was pale, weak and my digestive system felt out of whack. I ate breakfast and then I took homeopathic Arsenicum to help my digestion while I scoured the internet for anyone having had a similar reaction. I found a guys blog from 2008, who spoke of being very ill for a week after getting skunked. At least I now knew I wasn’t crazy.

Not willing to suffer motivates me to choose helpful alternative medicines

But I was totally unwilling to suffer for more than a few hours, let alone a week. I spent the next 30 minutes reading a few other articles about animals getting skunked and their effects. I noticed one article describing how toxic the sulphuric acid fumes of the skunk spray are to animals.

This made me realize that taking homeopathic Sulphur might antidote the sulphuric fumes. I began taking homeopathic Sulphur and I immediately began to feel better. Two hours later, I felt I was almost back to normal. What a crazy way to start the day.

It’s important to share what we learn along the way, pay it forward

I felt compelled to write this up in case it helps someone down the road. It’s important to realize there are so many healing tools available to counteract such an experience; Reiki, MAP, Breathe in Light, Angelic help, homeopathic medicines and many others.

It’s also important to remember that skunk fumes are made up of sulphuric acid and that the Homeopathic medicine made from Sulphur may antidote the toxic effects of  these fumes. The crazy synchronicity in all this is that I watched this video before I went to sleep last night.  Skunk mama and babies video