Salmon and Cicadas and the Turtle

Animal medicine brings healing energy

animal medicine brings healing energy so I drew fish on my castI knew shortly after getting my cast on my leg 4 weeks ago that it needed artwork and specifically fish. I felt the need for swimming upstream salmon with swirling waters all around. I googled fish images until I found one that I could imitate, I practiced a couple of times and then drew them onto the cast. I have been a student of animal medicine for decades; I believe that animals represent and carry certain types of medicine or messages for us, if we choose to listen. I also know that animal medicine brings healing energy. After following my intuition about needing salmon drawn onto my cast, I looked online to see what salmon medicine is all about.

Animal wisdom wakes up our own

Several links lead one to information about the salmon and this is one that speaks to me:

Salmon, Power Animal, Symbol of Wisdom By Ina Woolcott, The salmon’s wisdom includes – value of returning home to regenerate, swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight, understanding divination messages, rebirth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom. The Salmon’s aim is to overcome all obstacles that may present themselves. Its aim is to be reunited with All That Is. We are assisted by salmon in developing the necessary wisdom needed to find the meaning and purpose of our lives, and also to move steadily on our spiritual journey.”

The cicada also has messages for us, if we listen

Lessons from the cicada

The other critter who keeps showing up this summer for me is the singing cicada. From Animal Totems: Dictionary of Insects by StarStuffs, “Cicada: Cicadas aid in your emergence of You and understanding who you are by uncovering hidden truths and secrets that have been long forgotten. Usually this knowledge is just below the surface so listen to Cicada for he will teach where and how to look.”

Lessons from the turtle

The turtle that wandered across our property reminded me to keep my feet on the ground and to take it slow.animal medicine brings healing energy, this turtle wandered onto our property to teach me something