How Universal Truths Heal Us

and Help Us to Change

Mentors shine the light with Universal truths

Years ago, I had the phenomenal opportunity to study with Rosalyn Bruyere and to learn at the feet of a wonderful, wise human being. As per most of my interactions with my life’s teachers; sometimes we got along and sometimes we didn’t. At every seminar of hers that I attended, I noticed that we each brought out different aspects of one another, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. While I am sure that I was just ‘one more student’ in the sea of students that Rosalyn had shared teachings with, her teachings have been the gifts that keep on giving; decades later.

When you are in the presence of Universal Truths, your body, mind and spirit are nourished by these teachings and they are forever a part of you

I am finally beginning to understand why I still hear what she taught us, replaying in my head. What
Rosalyn Bruyere shared with us were Universal teachings or truths and when you are in the presence of Universal Truths, your body, mind and spirit are nourished by these teachings and they are forever a part of you. These truths are of such a high vibration that we are uplifted and energized by them. Even though I was not always comfortable in Rosalyn’s presence, she stirred up my own desire to heal myself and to help others to heal themselves.

Mystery schools explore Universal truths

mystery schools: “you can check out, but you can never leave”

Once you embark upon the study of Universal truths, it awakens something inside your soul that is not easily set aside. Little did I realize then what a Mystery school was, even though it was discussed at length in Rosalyn Bruyere’s seminars. The beauty of being part of a Mystery school is that it is never-ending; whether you are actively participating or not, you are continually pulled back into the wonderings and the wanderings of the universal teachings.

The universal truth of Reiki

Shinpiden, which means “there is always another mystery”

Through my Reiki studies, I have learned the Japanese term for Mystery teachings; Shinpiden, which means “there is always another mystery” and this really describes what the basis of a Mystery school is. Taken from the dictionary; Mystery–any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation. As I have worked with Reiki for decades now, I am continually amazed at how there is always more to learn each time I use Reiki. The healing art of Reiki has shown me innumerable ways for us to heal our selves.


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