Historical Restoration of my internal mansion

Re-alignment is my current middle name. I am in the process of historical restoration of my own mansion; my body.

Who knew how damaging it would be to break a tailbone at five years old, a collarbone at six, one wrist at seven and the other wrist at eight?Who knew the pain I would suffer in my forties and now my fifties as a result of all the old injuries? Who knew that the twenty years of bodywork were actually essential to undo the damage and to prevent worse pain?

It is a beautiful thing to watch the body find its way back to wholeness. I am in awe of it every day. I have learned to trust the process and have seen where I fall victim to my own state. When I don’t give up, remedy when I listen to my inner voice suggesting healing treatments, then I am once again reminded how supported I am and to trust.

In my morning walk today these words came out of my mouth and the whole walk became a sacred prayer of thanksgiving.

I give gratitude and I receive Love.
I give gratitude and I receive Love.

Now, I am unraveling the pain, following the trail back through time and releasing what was absorbed and restoring what was lost.

I am restoring my virtue, I am restoring my virtue
I am restoring my purity, I am restoring my purity
I am restoring my alignment, I am restoring my alignment.

I am forgetting how to feel helpless, how to feel powerless,
how to give up and how to give in.

I am remembering how if feels to be whole and the glimpses of this new / old reality are rich and peaceful.

I am restoring my God given right to be a vessel of Light.
I am restoring my God given right to be a vessel of Light.

I am Light.

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