Healing Opportunity Awakened by Life ~ Part Two

Part 2: the how…guided self-healing visualization

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Healing Opportunity awakened by life and lightOccasionally, we notice events or situations occurring in our life that make us uncomfortable. These events often feel uncomfortable because they are waking up old fears or pushing up against our outdated beliefs. This is a guided visualization to help you practice self-healing on the opportunities that present for healing in your life.

These uncomfortable events provide you with an opportunity for self-healing, if you take advantage of it. Journaling about your experiences usually speeds up the process. Jotting down possible answers to the questions below may lead you to your own self-healing ‘AHA’ moment. At each step you might close your eyes to tune into your thoughts and answers.

I had my own ‘AHA’ moment recently. None of my techniques were working to cure a bout of insomnia. So, I began thinking about my past. Through remembering some difficult parts of my childhood, I was able to begin healing a hurt part of myself that doesn’t feel comfortable with being seen. The following visualization is one of the tools I’ve been using to heal.

Step 1: Notice what you are bumping into in life

What’s stressing you out, frustrating you, making you angry? And, what’s behind it? (Fears or beliefs?) Write down stream of consciousness thoughts for insight. 

Notice your current discomfort and pause to dwell on it to determine what the underlying influence might be (Here are some possible responses).

Close your eyes, ask your internal self, wait for thoughts, ideas, memories to arrive: 

  • “What is going on here?” 

You might hear or think: “I’m over-reacting, I’m stuck in an emotion, I’m blaming others… etc.”

  • “What is my underlying fear in this situation?” 

“Fear of being seen and heard? Fear of making a mistake? Fear of change? Fear of the unknown? Fear of being judged?…to name a few.”

  • “What belief have I outgrown that created this situation in my life?”

“Life is hard, I am all alone, I am not good enough, my needs don’t matter, I can’t_______…”

Jot down the thoughts, ideas, answers that come to you.

Step 2: Ask for Divine help

After the journaling process gives you more clarity, it’s time to ask for Divine help to aid in the self-healing process.

  • I ask to receive Divine help from the highest realms, from the highest heavens. 
  • I ask that this Divine help aid me in understanding what needs to be healed while helping me to heal it.
  • I ask to receive Divine Light from the highest realms, from the highest heavens.
  • I ask that this Divine Light surround me and fill me with all manner of healing energies. 
  • I ask that this pure Light and love bless my entire life, to help me heal this pattern and situation. 
  • I imagine this pure love and Light surrounding me, showering me with beams of Light and filling my entire body, mind and spirit with pure love and Light.

Step 3: Transform and Release

Breathe in Light and breathe out whatever it is that has come up 

  • Breathe in Light, breathe out the fear of_____ ….  repeat 3 times
  • Breathe in Light, breathe out the belief _____… repeat 3 times
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out any emotions that you are feeling in this situation, repeat each 3 times

You might want to pause the recording while you do the Breathe in Light work.

Step 4: Close your eyes and ask– what do I need to do, what do I need to learn? 

More journaling from this step aids in your intuitive development. Each answer or thought leads to more insights or thoughts or answers…all have value.

  • Trust any thoughts or visions that come into your awareness.
  • Trust your ideas. 
  • Trust your inner knowing.
  • Trust your intuition. 

Step 5: Identify how far back this pattern goes

Who did you learn this pattern or way of being from? 

  • Your parents? Grandparents? Siblings? Someone else?
  • They know not what they did. Are you ready to forgive them?

Step 6: Time to bless this all with healing Light

Bless the origins of these issues with the Light

  • Ask the Divine Light, the pure love and Light, to bless your entire life or your entire childhood where similar events may have occurred.
  • Intentionally state, “I open up my life history to receive healing.”
  • Imagine Divine Light blessing your entire life.

Step 7: Time to accept, embrace and acknowledge

By accepting, acknowledging, and embracing the patterns you are focusing on, you open the way for your self-healing of these issues.

  • I accept all my limiting beliefs in this situation. 
  • I accept all my fears in this situation. 
  • I accept all my emotions in this situation. 
  • I open them all up to deep healing.

Step 8: Inviting forgiveness into the situation 

Giving and receiving forgiveness releases you from carrying the burden and helps you to self-heal. 

  • I forgive everyone who hurt me in the past. 
  • I forgive myself for hurting others. 
  • I forgive myself for hurting myself.
  • I apologize for my actions.

Step 9: Activate, energize, affirm with the Light

Breathe the positive affirmations in and out with the Light 

  • Breathe “I am enough” in with the Light and breathe “I am enough” out with the Light.
  • Breathe “my needs do matter’ in with the Light and breathe “my needs do matter” out with the Light.
  • Breathe in forgiveness with the Light and breathe out forgiveness with the Light. 
  • Breathe in acceptance with the Light and breathe out acceptance with the Light.

Repeat each of these affirmations three times. Once again, you may choose to pause the recording while you do the Breathe in Light work.

Step 10: Check in with yourself

Does your energy, your body, your mind or your spirit feel different than when you started this process?

  • How do you feel? Calmer? Peaceful? Agitated? Intrigued?
  • Are you more relaxed now? Or more tense?

Repeat this process to go deeper, new insights may arrive each time you dip into the process. There is always more to learn.

Much like my fear of being seen, you may be able to begin healing parts of yourself that are still wounded. I encourage you to try this journaling and visualization technique to see if this process works for you.

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