Forgive your ‘Nevers’ and Embrace New Opportunities!

Is it time for you to forgive your ‘nevers’ and embrace new opportunities?

‘I will never do that again.” How many times have we said that and then immediately did what we said we would never do again? So, is it really helpful to make definitive statements? Being definitive restricts and limits our opportunities. For example, when we use the word never, we are choosing to block out any other choices. Are you ready to forgive your ‘nevers’ and embrace new opportunities? Are you ready to make a change on your path?

Using the word never is like driving on a road where all the exits are blocked

Imagine you are driving down a road and you come to an intersection where there are three possibilities; left, straight or right. But if you use the word ‘never,’ all those choices are blocked. If we say, “I am never going to turn again,” or “I am never going down that road again,” or “I am never turning around again,” we are limiting our future options. Wouldn’t you rather have the option to change directions, make a turn?

Backing myself into the ‘never corner’ usually does not serve me well

In life, it’s helpful to keep our doors, paths and options open. Keeping things open allows us to remain flexible when change happens. We may be continually surprised by change when it shows up. However, the reality is, there will always be change. Things change, times change, you change, change is inevitable. Backing myself into the ‘never corner’ usually does not serve me well. Of course, I am only human, and I occasionally still use that word, but much less than I used to.

Past ‘nevers’ are usually followed by a future regret

When we don’t get stuck in regret and keep moving through it, then it’s just one more experience on our life path. When we decide to wallow in regret for a while, or beat yourself up for using the word never, then it takes longer to move forward on our path. I choose to forgive my ‘nevers’ and embrace new opportunities.

Coming through an unprecedented pandemic dropped all of us into the great unknown, and has been a good opportunity to learn about getting comfortable with being in the unknown. No one really knew where we were headed, how we would get through it and what things would be like afterwards. It seemed like a great time to never say never.

However, early in the pandemic, it felt like never to me. I couldn’t see to the other side of the pandemic. I could only see all the doors closing around us. “Never going to be the same again,” seemed to be the theme of the pandemic. As a result, I let go of what I had been doing out in the world and waited to see what to do next. Staying present in the now without worrying about the future became an important exercise.

We have the right to change our mind

Apparently, I applied the ‘never word’ towards the possibility of ever having a Reiki office again. Oops. And it is ok to make definitive choices when that’s what we feel. As long as we remember that we are the co-creators of our life, our choices, and our free will. We have the right to change our mind. We don’t even have to beat ourselves up about it and we don’t have to let others beat us up about it either. Once again, I choose to forgive my ‘nevers’ and embrace new opportunities.

We only know how we feel in the moment. So, it might be a good idea to say, “in this moment I believe such and such.” Keeping in mind that anything could change. Keeping the door open to possibilities that we don’t see coming prepares us for future opportunities.

Pandemics change things

In March 2020, I closed my physical Reiki practice to in-person sessions. Our family has a young relative who is high-risk, and I did not want to expose that person to Covid. I waited six more months to see what would happen. During that time, I offered online Reiki sessions via Zoom or phone. I also taught online individual Reiki classes with great success.

By September, something changed, and I decided to let go of my physical office in town. At that point, I probably said, “I will never have a physical office again.” Nine months later, I am still offering online Reiki sessions, my weekly online Reiki share celebrated a year anniversary and my online Reiki classes continue to draw new students. I have to say it has been quite fulfilling and rewarding, for both my clients and me.

I doubt I would have taken this step if not for the pandemic

During this time, I’ve also enlisted the help of a virtual assistant named Willow Paule. She has been providing me with brilliant help. Finding the best person to help me co-create my ‘Reiki/ Breathe in Light’ presence in the world had been a long-term goal of mine. I doubt I would have taken this step if not for the pandemic. I am grateful for the pause in certain areas of my life that allowed me to restructure my business and offer more to my clients.

Following your intuitive nudges opens doors

About a month ago, I received an intuitive nudge to reach out to a local counselor who was in the process of opening a counseling center with multiple practitioners. After getting in touch, I discovered my new office in her newly renovated building. Since that day, the universe has been showering me with signs, confirming that I’m moving in the right direction, making the right decisions. Even though this was going to be a big change for me, I could not deny how right it felt.

Change helps us to grow, evolve, develop, move forward on our path

Over the previous 18+ months, I had not envisioned opening a new office. I simply couldn’t imagine where a new office for me would exist in our little town. Until I could.

It’s what we do, as humans, change our minds. And it’s OK. It’s how we grow, change, move forward.

A wise person once told me, “Sometimes when we are unsure about what next step to take on your path, it’s because those future options have not yet dropped ‘into form’.”

It was like all my options were being juggled by the great cosmic beings and the ball that represented my future office hadn’t landed onto the earth yet. Hence, it was difficult for me to fathom or to imagine it. I am blessed with strong intuition; I know my gut instinct very well.  When I am unsure about a certain choice, I won’t make that choice until I am sure. I patiently wait for things to get clearer or to feel right before I act upon it.

Trusting how good it feels as you move forward on your path

The moment I connected with the owner of the counseling center, I began to feel my intuitive bubbles bubbling up within me, confirming I was moving in the right direction. Once she mentioned the office on the lower floor with its own private entrance, my gut knew I’d found my new office. After touring the building and seeing my future office, this feeling was further confirmed. Upon signing the lease, I felt more butterflies and more positive vibrations in my body. Moving into my new office later felt incredibly energizing, like my stars were lining up.

Gratitude for new opportunities

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I am grateful to be meeting and greeting other souls and their needs in this new office space. I am grateful for working with Reiki clients, connecting to the Divine with deep listening and taking a deep heart bow for this sacred work.

Two opportunities for you, the Reiki client…

I am continually amazed by how beneficial and effective online Reiki sessions and online Reiki classes are.

So, I will continue to provide these online options in my Reiki/ Bright practice.

See you in my new office or on the airwaves~~~

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