My new favorite book on the Ancient Secrets of the Cards…

As an enthusiast of the Science of the cards since 1995 and purchaser of every book on the subject, I am always pleased to find the next new book on this ancient subject.

I discovered the author, Sharon Jeffers a few years back and her first book, “Cards of Destiny; A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide.”

This book helps one learn about why you are the way you are. Once you begin to see how the Birth cards work, you gain insight about your gifts and your challenges.

Now, just in time for my Christmas–her second book has been published; “Love and Destiny; Discover the Secret Language of Relationships.” My Amazon pre-order appeared magically on my doorstep yesterday.

Thankfully, I had difficulty sleeping last night and whiled away the wee hours with applying Sharon’s techniques for analyzing relationships. Four simple cards determine different aspects of the relationship between two people and Sharon Jeffers’ descriptions of the relationship cards offer brilliant insights into human character and experiences. After analyzing my relationship to my partner, my childrens’ relationships to their significant others and my parents relationship, I was satisfied with the accuracy of the determinations. And was able to get to sleep…. ..

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