A tribute to Robin Murphy, ND

Human and Homeopath extraordinaire

a tribute to Robin Murphy

There was no one like Robin Murphy

He was a naturopathic physician who taught  and practiced Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) for over 30 years. He was an internationally recognized author and researcher on Homeopathy and Medical Qigong. He published the Homeopathic Medical Repertory in 1993, and the Lotus Materia Medica in 1996. He was the director of the Lotus Health Institute which sponsors seminars on homeopathy, qigong, and natural medicine.

Truly, there was no one like Robin Murphy. In my first Homeopathic seminar with Robin, he explained to us how much of an amalgam his own personal genetic code was. It seemed like he had a connection to almost every nationality on the planet. He understood how much of a true mix we all are.

Introduction to Robin’s teachings on Homeopathy

I had listened to Robin Murphy’s cassette tape recordings of his ‘Homeopathy and women’s health’ seminar. His brilliant understanding of Homeopathy convinced me that he was going to be my next teacher. So, I attended three of his seminars in the 1990s, held in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Although I had signed up to learn about Homeopathy from Robin Murphy, there was so much more that he imparted in the process.

I was open to the esoteric

I was the original crunchy granola mama; sewed my own clothes, home birthed my babies, homeschooled my children, and used Homeopathy to keep our children healthy. Raising three kids without antibiotics seemed like an anomaly. Needless to say, I was the perfect sponge in Robin’s Homeopathy classes.

Robin helped me understand Homeopathy better

I don’t claim to be a brilliant Homeopathic student, I do claim to be a student of Homeopathy.

My knowledge of Homeopathy is still like a kindergarten level compared to Robin’s. Robin Murphy’s Repertory and Materia Medica have been my bibles ever since they were published. With these tools plus my intuition, though, I’ve been able to select the best remedies for myself and my family.

Dr. Murphy was always ready to improve hs techniques

By the time I started learning in-person with Robin, he was letting go of treating people with 10M, 50M and CM potencies. He was newly focused on treating people with either the LM potencies or low potencies daily. He realized that there were so many possible antidotes (pollution, chemicals, emotions, etc.) that could stop the high potencies from working that he felt it was gentler, more consistent and more dependable to treat with low potencies daily. His new focus became my new focus.

More than Homeopathy

Every single class I attended with Robin was rich with so much information about so many different things. As a testament to how useful everything he taught was, I’ve been using it all for the past 30 years.

One of the herbal medicine products he introduced us to that I found particularly helpful was spagyric herbal extracts. These are made alchemically to include all parts of the plant material involved and are more effective as a result.

Vedic astrology

Robin also taught us in the class about Vedic astrology and how we are marked by our birth time and connected to specific planets and metals as a result. He taught how each day of the week is connected to a specific planet and how each planet influences our health on all levels. Each planet is connected to a specific metal (Sunday-Sun-gold-Aurum, Monday-Moon-silver-Argetum, Tuesday-Mars-iron-Ferrus, Wednesday-Mercury-mercury-Mercurius, Thursday-Jupiter-tin-Stannum, Friday-Venus-copper-Cuprum, and Saturday-Saturn-lead-Plumbum). If you know any Latin-based languages, you can see the planet names are connected to the days of the week. I have been passing this info onto clients for decades so they have access to this approach for understanding their health.

I particularly loved his theory that the metals connected to the planets can help us in homeopathic form, especially if we take the ones that correspond to our birth times. I have found this to be very true and still continue to use them periodically. He encouraged us to take the homoeopathic form of these specific metals to see how much they helped us. I will attest that Plumbum, Stannum, and Aurum have been very helpful to me for balancing health issues that have arisen over the years.

Robin had diverse knowledge

Some people may have thought that his theories were way out there. Perhaps…but I appreciated that Robin Murphy was willing to share esoteric knowledge with us that could improve our lives. For example, I valued his introduction to lucid dreaming. He told us how we could travel to Egypt in our dreams, read the scrolls and walls, and understand them even if they’re written in another language.

Pranaveda Qigong & Health

Robin also introduced his students to tai chi, Qi gong and other ways to support our bodies energetically with movement and/or with standing in certain positions corresponding to the planets.

Card science

Learning from Robin about the birth card science was literally life-changing for me. It really helped me understand why people are so different, as each birthday has a different energy attached to it, connected to a different conglomeration of planets.

The Card science personally helped me let people be who they are. It helped me to stop proselytizing to people and stop worrying about if they understood me. I have been an active student of the Card science for 30 years, as a result.

I recall that Robin was a Jack of clubs, which is a brilliant card. The Jack of clubs gathers knowledge and information from all different realms and brings it together in a cohesive way. This seems to be exactly how Robin lived his life.

The year that Robin introduced me to the card science, he helped me understand the incredible opportunity ‘my cards for the year’ were offering me. I was in a year with multiple Kings and Queens of various suits showing up in my chart, which meant there was much support from the Universe to expand my life and my knowledge in lots of different ways. He encouraged me to take advantage of what they portrayed. And I did.

Such a wonderful human being

I had my first seven course meal at one of Robin’s seminars. He had set it up for the whole class and there were even vegetarian options. Being vegetarian was another thing we had in common, and it was nice that he made sure we had vegetarian food options.

On a personal note, I loved finding out that he and I had similar family roots in upper Michigan. We joked that his family were customers at my family’s gas station/post office/grocery store in Isadore, Michigan near Traverse City.

A tribute to Robin Murphy

Grateful for Robin and for all that I learned from him

Robin was a door opener, a way shower, a mentor for all things healing and natural

Leading by example, Robin was the eternal student, always willing to learn more and more. He truly understood that there was always more to learn. In both these things, we were sympatico.

I am sure I learned more from him than this, but these are the highlights. He was a wonderful human being, and I was privileged to have been in three different Homeopathic seminars with him in the 1990s.

Robin Murphy contributed immensely to the world of Homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, supplements, wellness and beyond. Collectively, we have much to be grateful for.

His influence has been rippling through my life for three decades and I don’t expect it to ever end. However, I am now looking forward to connecting to him from the other side and receiving guidance.