Transform in Your Own Time–at Your Own Pace

Audio Recordings for Self-Healing

Heal from Home

Are you ready to cross the bridge to take charge of your own self-healing?

Enter the land of regeneration and restoration with this audio meditation.

Is your body, mind and spirit congested with your accumulated life experiences?

Are you ready to lighten your load with this simple Bright technique?

We may not realize how much we absorb from our environment, whether from our own over-reactions, other people’s emotions, or even from things that you watched on TV.

How do we know we need some self-healing? 

  • Perhaps it’s the middle of the night and you’re wide awake again. You can’t remember the last time you got a restful night’s sleep. You are wide awake fixating on a friend’s problem. 
  • Or, it might be during the day where you are having trouble focusing on the task at hand because you can’t stop thinking about certain situations. 
  • Or, you may have just gotten home from a gathering and can’t seem to settle down.

Maybe you’ve worked with an intuitive practitioner before and have seen positive results, but your current schedule doesn’t allow you to schedule an in-person session right now. Wouldn’t having unlimited access to a self-healing audio simplify this issue?

You’re looking for something that empowers you to create self-healing on your own terms. Are you ready to do this on your own time, in your own home?

You are ready to make time for self-care; a routine you know you can commit to and restore balance. Even if that routine includes listening to a self-healing audio at odd hours of the day or night? You might be ready for Self-healing at Home.

self-healing guided visualization

Don’t you deserve 30 minutes to restore yourself?

With this simple guided visualization for self-healing, you may have found exactly what you are looking for.

Created with your needs in mind, this 30-minute self-healing guided visualization might just transport you into the land of regeneration and restoration. This recording was developed to make it easy to do self-healing in the privacy of your own home.

The beauty of this self-healing recording is: 

  • that you may listen to it as often as you choose. 
  • It never expires, and you maintain access forever.
  • you will benefit from listening to it repeatedly, on a regular basis.

Self-healing is like exercise; it needs to become a regular habit, as we gradually heal and reveal the true self. 

Some people find it beneficial to listen to this self-healing audio daily, while others may replay it each weekend. 

Others may use the self-healing recording whenever they need help to get to sleep.

Listening to this self-healing guided visualization could help you let go of your cares and worries, recharge your energy and relax you at the same time.

How does it work?

This 30-minute audio– dose of self-care, guided by Susan Grace Wisniewski’s soothing voice, combines the use of Divine Light, Divine helpers, your breath, imagination and intentions to create a self-healing opportunity. Experience the self-healing of the Breathe in Light technique.

In this audio self-healing experience, you will be guided through the process, allowing you to effortlessly create calm and peace within. Whether you’ve tried self-healing before, or you’re a total newbie, the recording will guide you through the self-healing steps to make the process easy and accessible.

By doing self-maintenance with the energy clearing and balancing techniques in this audio session, you begin to promote self-healing on all levels.

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