Take the judgement challenge…

Years ago, I had the phenomenal opportunity to study with Rosalyn Bruyere and to learn at the feet of a wonderful, wise human being. As with most of my life’s teachers; sometimes she and I got along and sometimes we didn’t. Each seminar I received from her, we brought out different aspects of one another. Now, I am sure I was just ‘one more student’ to her in the sea of students she has shared teachings with. However, for me, there is only one of her and she has been the gift that keeps on giving; these ten years later. I am finally beginning to understand why I still hear what she taught us, replaying in my head. What Rosalyn (Rose–not Roz) shared with us were Universal teachings or truths and when you are in the presence of Universal Truths, your body, mind and spirit are nourished by these teachings and they are forever a part of you. Little did I realize then what a Mystery school was, even though it was discussed at length in the classes. The beauty of being part of a Mystery school is that it is never-ending; whether you are actively participating or not.

Through my Reiki studies, I have learned the Japanese term for Mystery teachings; Shinpiden, which means “there is always another mystery” and this really describes what the basis of a Mystery school is. Taken from the dictionary; Mystery–any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.

As I reflect upon all the Rosalyn nuggets I find myself repeating to anyone who will listen; I am pleased once again to be reminded of a new one that I hadn’t explored lately. In honor of the recent fire which took out a 200 yr old building being refurbished by Nora Roberts and her husband, I am reading my FIRST romance novel. What, you may gasp–is this possible? Is nothing sacred? I respect Ms. Roberts’ goal to repair the burned out building and to start once again creating her dream B&B. I know it will be great for the little town and I have decided to contribute to her cause via her books. What I am surprised to find is that as a result I am now able to let go of judgment in one more area of my life. I recall Rosalyn suggesting we try to read all types of books, so that we can understand them or until we understand them. Who knows, I might have to read political books next! Not sure I am ever going to be that evolved….