Moving Beyond Mistakes

We all make mistakes; without meaning to, we hurt others when we cross their imaginary lines and similarly, we get hurt when others cross our own imaginary lines. We have a slight sense of where those lines are, but we don’t always have the self-control to reign our activated selves in.  It’s not difficult to step on someone else’s toes or to overreact in a situation. It happens all the time. What is difficult, is staying aware at all times, so that when you move out of balance, you are able to pause before you respond in an unhealthy way. Collectively, we are all walking along, carrying hidden baggage, baggage full of our life history, baggage ready to spill out once we are reminded of its hidden wounds. 

People innately desire to get along with others, however, that reality is difficult to accomplish when under the stress of these unprecedented times. This extra layer of stress prevents us from staying in balance as easy as we used to. We are more likely to lash out and less able to pause before we do. When we notice how out of balance we are, it is an opportunity to begin working on your pile, on your life history that’s leaking into your now. It is truly everyone’s work, everyone’s personal work, to sift through their past as objectively as possible and to recognize what it’s time to let go of and to begin that process of self-healing and transformation. 

Surprisingly, it’s actually quite easy and simple to begin this process; if you are feeling a lot of anger lately, then it may be time to Breathe in Light and Breathe out Anger over and over. Perhaps even better to address all the variations of Anger at the same time; Breathe in Light and Breathe out Hatred, Anger, Hurt over and over. 

Imagine this Light as a healing gift from the Universe or the Divine (whatever you believe in), and this Light is always available at your request. Light transforms darkness and you may be amazed how much better you’ll feel after a few moments dedicated to breathing in light and breathing out what you are feeling. 

Literally, what have you got to lose? Imagine how much better you’ll feel after lightening your load, letting go of your anger and frustration for a minute. I truly don’t care if you ever try this technique and I hate it when someone tells me what to do, just know that I am only sharing what has helped me to transform my anger and over-reactiveness. Breathing in Light has been a lifesaver for me, it’s so nice to be to be able to dwell in peace, calm and appreciation again. 

Susan Grace Wisniewski is a Reiki teacher and practitioner and the author of Restore Your Self: Introducing the Breathe in Light Technique: ‘Bright.’ Paperback versions are available to order from the author, or Kindle versions available via Amazon, and the audio version available October 2020.