Love thy neighbor or just send light!

In a session with my last client of the day, I was pleasantly reminded tonight about a choice I made a few years back. I send light to folks that irritate me. Not to change them, just to send light instead of what I had been sending; unpleasant thoughts, judgments, criticisms, etc. I had learned the hard way; when I yelled at high school soccer games at the coaching, the next day, I would have a sore throat. When I used to get sore throats, they were horrible and painful and I was not a pleasant person. I was motivated to avoid these at all costs and to heal whatever predisposed me to sore throats.

Surprisingly, there seemed to be an effect from all that light I sent to the soccer coaches; or at least their coaching didn’t upset me as much anymore. This inspired me to send light to more folks. The more light I sent, the more accepting I became of ways different than mine and the more tolerant I felt of others. Gradually, this led to compassion, for myself and for others.

Tonight, I finally put all the puzzle pieces together; I know when I send light, it is the light of the Divine, which is Divine Love. So, I send you God’s Love, Divine Light. When you send light, you are filled with light, when you love your neighbor, you are filled with love. Hence, Love your neighbor as yourself. Bible quote for Lent–But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. (Matthew 5:43) The choice is yours; light-fare or internal war-fare.