Dear friend,

Wow, you and your family have had so much to process recently. I ask for a continual blessing of Divine Love and Light to all who have been affected by these losses, especially for those who have crossed over and their immediate family. While it is comforting to know your Aunt is no longer suffering, it is true, we still have to resolve all the conflict-ions we feel inside. Unfortunately, due to where ‘modern’ medicine is functioning from, which is not unlike the ‘blind leading the blind’, they set off events in the body which they (naively) have no clue will occur. Unfortunately, there becomes no one to blame and no one to take responsibility, which leaves the family members feeling responsible for something which is way beyond their scope of understanding.

I recall being very frustrated at how medicated my father was in the home they had put him in, as it was the only way they could manage him. It is sometimes all the medical community has to offer. I find the biblical saying, “forgive them for they know not what they do,” a useful mantra to help me forgive all involved in these travesties.

I am so sorry to hear about a certain family’s son; that is such a difficult loss for families to process. Again, it all seems to boil down to responsibility and blame…usually self-blame and how we process through it. I wish all who grieve knew about the helpful homeopathic medicine for grief; Ignatia and the helpful Bach flower essence for trauma; Rescue Remedy and also knew how comforting a Reiki session would be in these moments.

When the local farm family lost their son last year to a hunting accident, I offered to give the sister (my daughter’s friend) and the mother Reiki sessions, but they never took the opportunity. They did use the Rescue Remedy and the homeopathic medicine, Ignatia to some degree. I hold all these families in the Light whenever I think of them.

love to you, Susan

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