knock, knock, who’s there?

We are all searching for answers, searching for soulmates, searching for happiness…How will we ever know which path to take, which door to open? Step one, I call off the search . Then I start knocking. The initial door to knock on is your own; see if you are home first. Have you taken the time to get to know yourself? Have you made an appointment with ‘me, myself and I’ lately? Sometimes, I have five minutes for my “me” appointment and other times I have tons of time, like, 15 minutes. I sit in the silence, breathe, breathe some more, tune into how I feel; …how I feel in my body,… how I feel in my life and how I feel in my heart. In the silence, I knock on my soul’s door and I ask for support and I ask for love and I ask for help. In the silence, I asked to be filled with the light of the Divine so that I may again remember how to create another blessed day of joy and gratitude. This brings me back to neutral, I am opinion-free, ready to look at the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.