How does one get started in the Healing Arts?

For me, it began with the desire to end suffering and discomfort; firstly, in myself, secondly, in my family and thirdly, in my friends. Years ago, I was inspired by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s statement from one of his Homeopathy books;
‘ the best physicians were the ones who had suffered the most ailments.’ I connect this to another old adage; ‘physician, heal thyself.’ As the physician heals herself; she gains knowledge, experience, compassion, humility and understanding. It’s impossible to understand the suffering of others if you have not suffered.

Thankfully, the human experience is full of suffering, until you choose not to suffer, that is. Choosing suffering is like ‘ to be or not to be, that is the question.’ Even in the midst of extreme suffering, we have a choice how to be and there are many examples of this in our present and past world experiences. I recently overheard a friend thanking another friend, who happened to be her audiologist; ‘thank you for telling me 10 years ago that I needed to befriend my tinnitus; it was such a helpful idea.’ Her tinnitus as a result is much easier to live with. She chose not to suffer.

Each person drawn to the healing arts is usually motivated by a deep desire to heal themselves. From that place, we are then able to show the way for others to do the same. Personal experience and observation of others on a similar journey have confirmed for me that there are certain opportunities we all face on this healing arts journey.

The most common first lesson is about boundaries; how to develop them, how to create them and how to stay within your bounds. Most of us learn what works in this department by first learning what doesn’t. I will share some of my own history and my impression that most of us pass through these lessons.

My first high in the healing arts was through homeopathic medicines and witnessing the miraculous effect they had on my baby’s teething pain. Soon, I was using homeopathic medicines for every ailment our young family suffered from and usually with great results. I bought books on the subject, took classes, enlisted the help of medical practitioners and then as I knew more; taught classes and led homeopathic study groups. I wanted everyone I knew to use homeopathy and I put much personal time and energy into trying to help my friends with all their families’ ailments. I became very attached to the results and too invested in other people’s lives and I felt responsible for their well-being.

Huge opportunity for boundary lessons abounded; and I eventually passed the course. Eventually, I realized that in order for healing of any sort to work, the person needing it needs to ask for the help. That is the first step toward healing anything; asking for help. Pushing help onto someone usually backfires…trust me on this one. Using homeopathy is a brilliant opportunity to step into your responsibility for your own health. It is so easy to learn from the books that are out there and there so few risks compared to numerous side effects of modern medicine.

Lesson number two goes a little deeper; when I feel sorry for someone, want to rescue them from their pain and view them as helpless; there are now two victims in the room–me and them (it’s true, it does take one to know one.) This is a co-dependent perspective and one that is limiting for both parties. My personal golden rule now that I strive to maintain, is to envision limitless possibilities for others instead of narrow definitions. I choose to empower others, know that they are capable of making good choices and I will be happy to assist them; if they ask. I practice healthy detachment with good intentions.

So the healing journey actually heals the journeyer, go figure. I am grateful for the journey and the continued healing growth. There is always another mystery, it’s what keeps life interesting.
A final thought on healing; I am a mentor in the healing arts and I invite you to heal yourself, with Divine help, Divine guidance, Divine intervention and of course, Divine miracles.