Susan’s Work Style and Energy

Working With the ‘Patchwork’ that is You When working with my Reiki clients, I bring the understanding that each of us is like a patchwork quilt, with life experiences pieced together to form who we are and how we view life. Each of us is made up of distinctly different parts which have combined to […]

Strengthening the Flow of Reiki through the Reiki Client

One might wonder how to get the most out of a Reiki treatment. For more than three decades, I have been exploring this possibility; how to get the most out of any treatment that I am receiving. I have received numerous types of body work and have always been interested in getting the most out […]

The Irrational Grip of Jealousy

I suffer from jealousy on an irregular basis. It always astonishes me when I find myself in its grips. I don’t go seeking situations to be jealous of, I just get activated into jealousy by the most random events. When I speak of jealousy, I’m not speaking of jealousy between men and women or between […]

Welcome to the Inner Workings… of your Body, Mind and Spirit.

What if you found yourself on a journey without a plan, a map or a timeline? Sometimes in life, we go beyond our comfort zone and wonder how to navigate this uncharted territory. As creatures of habit; we prefer being in control with a nod to being creative and spontaneous. What if there was a […]

The Latest Second Chance

I asked today, why am I so sad? I saw pictures of myself from yesterday’s hike up swallow falls, and I looked so old. It was distressing — disappointing — sad to see that frail woman in that photo. Where did she come from? Why can’t she stop the rapid aging that seems to have […]