How Do Healing Sessions Even Work Over the Airwaves?

Intention is Everything People wonder how it is possible to receive a healing session through the computer. The platform that you use doesn’t really matter, as one could participate in a healing session through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. Regardless of the location, whether in person or via the airwaves, it is always the intention […]

How do you know if we are compatible as Reiki practitioner and Reiki client?

Compatibility is a great concept to question. Everyone would prefer to get along with and feel comfortable with their self-healing mentor. I would even suggest that it is essential to feel compatible in this setting. The complimentary 15-minute Reiki session provides the ultimate opportunity to determine how you feel or resonate with this potential new […]

What might Reiki help with?

Reiki is an amazing self-healing tool which works with your own natural self-healing abilities that you were born with. We may not even realize that we have self-healing abilities, but our body mind and spirit is always working for us, working to bring ourselves into balance as best as it is able. It therefore stands […]

Lost Another Mentor

The first cranial sacral therapist that ever worked on me, smoked a pack a day. Bailey didn’t light up until she was done with your session and after I’d rested from the session I’d find her off in the other room or on the porch, rocking and smoking. Still, she blew me away that first […]

How We Heal and Support Our Self-Healing

There are many healing modalities that will activate healing energy within us and raise our vibration or energize us as a result. As we agree to receive the healing intention of the session, we are agreeing to work with the energy that results from the session. Basically, we are remembering how to heal our self, […]