How Do Healing Sessions Even Work Over the Airwaves?

Intention is Everything People wonder how it is possible to receive a healing session through the computer. The platform that you use doesn’t really matter, as one could participate in a healing session through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. Regardless of the location, whether in person or via the airwaves, it is always the intention […]

Lost Another Mentor

The first cranial sacral therapist that ever worked on me, smoked a pack a day. Bailey didn’t light up until she was done with your session and after I’d rested from the session I’d find her off in the other room or on the porch, rocking and smoking. Still, she blew me away that first […]

Notes From My Spiritual Journey

My Catholic mother prays daily that I find my way back to the Catholic Church. I pray daily that my family be surrounded by divine light and love and that the Angels continue to bless us, protect us and guide us. I started out as such a good little Catholic girl, walking to Mass on […]

Putting Cindy’s memory to rest

 Note:   I wrote this 10 years ago and could only find the printed paper copy and not the Word document, so I had to scan it into my computer. Hence, there may still be typos that I missed from the scanning. I edited the writing last week.)      Background: For some reason, I […]

Three death day

I embrace death yet it still knocks me over, I welcome peace for the suffering yet find no peace tonight, I appreciate our continued journey on the other side yet resent living without them, I know infinite ways to heal the heart, but cannot now stop my heart from breaking. Death takes my breath away the […]