Notes From My Spiritual Journey

My Catholic mother prays daily that I find my way back to the Catholic Church. I pray daily that my family be surrounded by divine light and love and that the Angels continue to bless us, protect us and guide us. I started out as such a good little Catholic girl, walking to Mass on […]

Putting Cindy’s memory to rest

 Note:   I wrote this 10 years ago and could only find the printed paper copy and not the Word document, so I had to scan it into my computer. Hence, there may still be typos that I missed from the scanning. I edited the writing last week.)      Background: For some reason, I […]

Three death day

I embrace death yet it still knocks me over, I welcome peace for the suffering yet find no peace tonight, I appreciate our continued journey on the other side yet resent living without them, I know infinite ways to heal the heart, but cannot now stop my heart from breaking. Death takes my breath away the […]

New Year’s Day reading

   I begun studying the religion of  Spiritualism a few months ago with a world renown psychic and medium. The first time I met her was at a fund raiser in Shepherdstown on the summer solstice. Anne Gehman gave me a mini reading about a ring that I had  brought bacik from Moscow in 1978 […]