Losing October

toad lily flowers

I’ve been losing myself every October for decades and as a result, I lose the entire month of October. I make no forward movement, I accomplish very little and I wallow in my depression and stuckness. Since 1967, October has been a difficult month for me. It took me decades to realize why I got […]

Painting the Walls, Changing the View

Last Autumn, I ended up having a lot of time alone and a lot of time to do projects on my own. During that time, my husband was undertaking a six-week walking pilgrimage on the El Camino de Santiago where he walked 500 miles. I looked forward to the time alone and to re-organizing parts […]


The sand-line was drawn when no one was there, Unaware of past transgressions, I still felt it tear. An absentee tribunal painted my guilt, Based on perceptions from a limited tilt. Connections ever-strained, as agreed by the souls, Prior contracts fulfilled, now spared the tolls. Solitary effort requires an inward gaze, Fueling the heart as […]