How Do Healing Sessions Even Work Over the Airwaves?

Intention is Everything People wonder how it is possible to receive a healing session through the computer. The platform that you use doesn’t really matter, as one could participate in a healing session through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. Regardless of the location, whether in person or via the airwaves, it is always the intention […]

How do you know if we are compatible as Reiki practitioner and Reiki client?

Compatibility is a great concept to question. Everyone would prefer to get along with and feel comfortable with their self-healing mentor. I would even suggest that it is essential to feel compatible in this setting. The complimentary 15-minute Reiki session provides the ultimate opportunity to determine how you feel or resonate with this potential new […]

Virtual Reiki Sessions and Benefits for New Clients

Virtual Reiki Sessions are surprisingly soothing and effective ways to receive a self-healing treatment. While this possibility may seem unusual to you, this transmission of self-healing energy is actually quite similar to praying for someone or sending positive thoughts or holding someone in the Light. Whether I am sharing Reiki with you in person or at […]

Cracking Open to let in More Light

Something got cracked open for me in November. Actually, something cracked open in me last May, when I started chanting the Hanuman Chalisa every morning at 7 AM with Rose Ma ( and others on zoom. I didn’t realize I needed the Hanuman Chalisa in my life. I had loved listening to David Newman‘s recording of […]

The Irrational Grip of Jealousy

I suffer from jealousy on an irregular basis. It always astonishes me when I find myself in its grips. I don’t go seeking situations to be jealous of, I just get activated into jealousy by the most random events. When I speak of jealousy, I’m not speaking of jealousy between men and women or between […]