The Irrational Grip of Jealousy

I suffer from jealousy on an irregular basis. It always astonishes me when I find myself in its grips. I don’t go seeking situations to be jealous of, I just get activated into jealousy by the most random events. When I speak of jealousy, I’m not speaking of jealousy between men and women or between […]

Moving Beyond Mistakes

We all make mistakes; without meaning to, we hurt others when we cross their imaginary lines and similarly, we get hurt when others cross our own imaginary lines. We have a slight sense of where those lines are, but we don’t always have the self-control to reign our activated selves in.  It’s not difficult to step […]

The Gift and Blessing from Mary

I’m a believer; it’s true, I have already drank the kool-aid in the realm of Spirituality and still I am humbled and awed by the healing I received within the “Mary House” in a recent visit to Turkey.  I have been experiencing the amazing realm of our Spiritual nature for decades now and have learned […]

Three death day

I embrace death yet it still knocks me over, I welcome peace for the suffering yet find no peace tonight, I appreciate our continued journey on the other side yet resent living without them, I know infinite ways to heal the heart, but cannot now stop my heart from breaking. Death takes my breath away the […]