Susan’s Work Style and Energy

Working With the ‘Patchwork’ that is You When working with my Reiki clients, I bring the understanding that each of us is like a patchwork quilt, with life experiences pieced together to form who we are and how we view life. Each of us is made up of distinctly different parts which have combined to […]

What to Look for in a Reiki Practitioner

I used to get requests from people on a regular basis, to help them find a Reiki practitioner for a friend or relative. In order to do this, I would usually Google ‘Reiki practitioners, city, state’ to help find them a practitioner. Typically, in any given location, there will be numerous Reiki practitioners that show […]

Testimonial about the power of Reiki, a personal experience with Reiki

I always tell this story to my Reiki level one students so that they can understand the difference that using Reiki can make. I share this particular story because it demonstrates the dramatic change in my own energy level that I felt after doing a 30 min reiki session on someone. It was parent weekend […]

Chick Corea, Copenhagen, Mercury Retro Has its Sway Again

Mercury retrograde is here for a couple more days and has been here for the past three weeks. This pattern repeats 3 to 4 times every year. The planet Mercury is not really going backwards in the heavens, it only appears to be going backwards due to its elliptical revolution around the Sun being angled […]