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Pause and give yourself time to integrate the new you

We are always changing and evolving, it happens naturally and it's not always obvious. However, when you actively begin studying a new realm of self-healing, the shifts might turn out to be astronomical. So that's where I've been... transforming, self-healing, learning new-to-me ways of releasing old ways of being and reclaiming my authentic self.

Self-healing techniques are learned experientially on me first and then I immediately begin using them with my clients.

After being on this healing journey my entire life, the past 35 years have taught me how to use my intuition combined with help from Divine beings of Light to create miraculous healing time after time. Miraculous healing is recognizing our innate ability to move the direction of our health continually towards Light and Love, continually towards balance.

You get what you ask for, what you believe in. So why not ask for miracles every time?

My new blog post...

I am in this self-healing process for the long game, I am determined to heal myself completely of any pattern handed down for generations...which is most of what we all suffer from.

So when I keep bumping into uncomfortable parts of myself, my shadow, it gets my attention and begins to draw my self-healing focus. Truly, all humans carry shame within them, just like most of us believe we are not enough.

~Your Shame is Ready to be Self-healed~

Are you curious to explore taboo subjects? Generally, shame is one of those topics that most would rather not discuss. But have you ever noticed how much shame you feel around certain memories? Equally important is noticing when a wave of shame passes through you after recalling a memory. In reality, this is coming into your awareness to be healed.

Who me? What shame?

The first thing to remember is that no one wants to admit that shame, disappointment, and guilt are constantly hovering in the background of their psyche. These hidden aspects of us are kept secret for a reason. Surprisingly, keeping ‘our stuff’ tucked away in the background delays our self-healing of it. You can learn more about this aspect from my previous blog: “The Hidden Causes of Shame”.

How to self-heal; transform and release the shame

How do we know when our shame is ready to be self-healed? It’s important to realize, that once we finally accept what’s hiding in our background, we become able to transform and release it. Consequently, once we shine the light onto our shadow, we may begin transforming it. Furthermore, shadow transformation doesn’t have to be painful, it can be done in a loving way. Specifically, this article describes in depth how shame connects to our shadow.
Your shame is ready to be self-healed

Free at last

Are you ready to be released from shaming yourself? Accordingly, could you even imagine what your life would be like without shame? To put it another way, imagine going through each day, practicing acceptance of what is, without judgment, criticism, or blame is possible and very freeing.

Who's shame is this, anyway?

In reality, you might not realize that the shame you feel is not just yours. In fact, we all carry the weight of our ancestor’s wounds within us. With this in mind, we find that shame is one of the many things which has been passed down (to you) through the generations. On the positive side, once you realize that something you live with daily has its roots in previous generations, you begin to understand why it seems so intense or exaggerated. It must be remembered, when you start noticing this aspect of your shadow it is ready to be healed.

Heal your secrets, secretly

Your shadow side doesn’t have to be broadcast out to the world. Consequently, no one else needs to know your secrets for you to heal them. Equally important is to be working with a self-healing mentor while undertaking this personal work. As a result, healing the static interference of shame that disrupts your positive flow is an attainable goal for each of us.

Waiting patiently to self-heal your shame

These hidden aspects of your personality are playing a waiting game with you. Basically, they await your acknowledgment, your acceptance, and your self-healing. Following this acknowledgement, these aspects of you will feel heard and accepted and will be ready to transform and release.

Ask for Divine assistance to help you self-heal your shame

By asking for assistance in your self-healing from the highest archangels, all manner of healing is possible. Exponentially, the healing possibilities expand further when we combine this self-healing work with other tools, such as essential oils, crystals, color frequencies, and sacred geometric shapes.

Self-healing guidance along the way

As one who has experienced these transformations in their own life, I invite you to join me in exploring these self-healing possibilities in your own life. I am ready and willing to be your self-healing mentor, to guide you along the self-healing journey.

Are you ready to explore self-healing with me as your mentor?

The time is now

Timing is everything. Above all, when you get the nudge to begin your self-healing journey, take advantage of the opportunity to heal yourself. Especially when you bump into your shadow side, you know your shadow is ready to transform. Are you ready to experience more light and love in your life? —

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Reiki is the ultimate self-healing tool.
Some of the benefits I’ve experienced include improved well-being, an energy boost when I’m feeling depleted, and a growing sense of calm and peace.
Once you learn how to administer Reiki on yourself, you can help others with their self-healing.
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About Susan

Susan Grace Wisniewski is trained and certified by the International Center for Reiki Training, as both a Holy Fire® Usui Reiki Master and as a Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master. She’s also trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki.

Susan is the author of ‘Restore Your Self,’ which introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright.’
💜💚 Blessings,
Susan Grace Wisniewski

P.S. Questions about Reiki classes? Please respond to this email, and I’ll help.

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