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Dear reader,

Gather your self-protection tools here

Many people don’t know what a big collector I am, but my collection isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Self-healing techniques are my favorite things to collect.

Every mentor that I've studied under has given me access to a ‘new-to-me’ self-protection technique. And, over the past three decades, I have gathered quite an assortment.
One area of self-healing that I am particularly interested in isenergetic protection.’

Have you considered protecting yourself... energetically?

Learn three different energy protection techniques

In this blog, I'm going to introduce you to three different self-protection techniques. I recommend that you try each one for a day or so to get a feel for what it does for you. After you've experimented with each one individually, then I recommend using two a day and see how that feels.

Eventually, it will be interesting for you to use all three techniques for several days in a row and to notice how you experience that.

Energetically protect yourself daily

Although I rarely use all three techniques every day, I almost always use at least one. Whenever I am going out into the world, whether it's to a grocery store or to see Reiki clients, I will make sure to call up my protection.

To learn all 3 techniques check out the full version of my latest blog;
Are You Protecting Yourself… Energetically? and you will soon...

Reap the numerous benefits of

energetically protecting yourself!

~~~Don't miss the BONUS energetic protection technique at the end of the blog!

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Learn Reiki

Did you know that I offer individual Reiki classes in-person and online? Once you learn how to do Reiki, it’s available to you anytime you need. Reiki is the ultimate self-healing tool.

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced include improved well-being, an energy boost when I’m feeling depleted, and a growing sense of calm and peace.

Once you learn how to administer Reiki on yourself, you can help others with their self-healing.

Take a look here to see my calendar for future individualized Reiki classes. If you’re already a Reiki practitioner, consider my Reiki Skills Development Program. This intensive program will greatly expand Reiki practitioners’ intuitive skills.

About Susan

Susan Grace Wisniewski is trained and certified by the International Center for Reiki Training, as both a Holy Fire® Usui Reiki Master and as a Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master. She’s also trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki.

Susan is the author of ‘Restore Your Self,’ which introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright.’
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💜💚 Blessings,
Susan Grace Wisniewski

P.S. Questions about Reiki classes? Please respond to this email, and I’ll help.

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