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I still remember an old CD in my collection called, “Christmas and the Angels.” They called Christmas time the Season of the Angels. They may be right. After all, angels are on a lot of minds during the December holidays. And there is a universal rule that whatever you focus on expands.

If you focus on angels, you will see evidence of angels!

So we’ve established that there are a lot of angels around during Christmas. But the truth is, that angels are nearby and ready to help us at any time of year.

All we have to do is ask for their help.

In my latest blog post, Angels for All Seasons, I share some of the big and small ways angels have helped me when I asked. Also, learn simple ways to ask angels for help. Why not try it and see what happens?
seasons of the angels
Another option is to listen to the audio version of my blog post.
Angels For All Seasons ~~~ 5 minute video blog.
Angels for all seasons

Self-care is the best gift

Some people face more stress or depression in December and January. If you or a loved one needs self-care, Reiki sessions are a meaningful gift. Sessions are available either at my Shepherdstown office, or online. And, my discounted packages of 3 or 6 sessions of Reiki are wonderful presents for family, friends, or for yourself. Everyone deserves to experience the calm that Reiki brings.

About Susan

Susan Grace Wisniewski is trained and certified by the International Center for Reiki Training, as both a Holy Fire® Usui Reiki Master and as a Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master. She’s also trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki.

Susan is the author of ‘Restore Your Self,’ which introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright.’
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💜💚 Blessings,
Susan Grace Wisniewski
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