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My mother had her arms full--with babies and life challenges. It was no surprise, then, that she wasn’t happy to see me each time I crept downstairs after being scared by a nightmare late at night. She just didn’t have the energy to comfort me, instead, she punished me for disturbing her brief respite.

At a very young age, I learned that it was not safe to be seen and heard.

Flash forward decades, and I still experience occasional bouts of sleeplessness. Sometimes, I just can’t get back to sleep. Finally, after 64 years, I’ve put the pieces together.

I now realize that my insomnia had a direct link back to childhood nightmares, which my mother had no energy to deal with. While the nightmares took away my sense of safety, seeking comfort from my mother made me feel even less safe. I was left with deep feelings of trauma connected to sleeping. I was left with the belief that it wasn’t safe to be seen and heard.

Even though I’ve suffered off and on from insomnia as an adult, it was only recently that I was able to pause in the midst of it, meditate and ask, “What is this connected to? Where did it start?”

Immediately, visions from childhood filled my head and I had my answer. Then I just needed to ask for help and guidance to heal it. As I pieced it together, I discovered the underlying fear that resulted from these late night traumas. For some reason, it took me decades to uncover this fear of being seen and heard. I am grateful it finally was time to uncover this old fear.

Chances are you also have had your own uncomfortable or downright painful life experiences. What uncomfortable events or situations are you noticing in your life that might have a connection to your past? Are you being given signs that it’s time to explore some old fears or outdated beliefs?

Despite making you uncomfortable, these events offer opportunities for healing. These difficult experiences actually help you heal, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

In this week’s blog post, I’m sharing a guided visualization to help you practice self-healing on the opportunities that present for healing in your life. Ready to get started? Read more in Healing Opportunity Awakened by Life; Part 2: the how…guided self-healing visualization.

Audio version

If you’d prefer to listen to this guided visualization, head over to my YouTube channel.
Guided visualization for healing opporrtunity awakened by life

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About Susan

Susan Grace Wisniewski is trained and certified by the International Center for Reiki Training, as both a Holy Fire® Usui Reiki Master and as a Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master. She’s also trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki.

Susan is the author of ‘Restore Your Self,’ which introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright.’
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