Reiki Training

After experiencing the healing benefits of receiving Reiki treatments, many Reiki clients choose to study the Reiki system of natural healing so that they can provide this useful and simple healing technique to them selves and to their families. What a gift to be able to help maintain your own and your family’s state of health.

Reiki training provides the student with the tools and techniques to use Reiki on them selves and others. Insight Services provides Reiki training in both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki with individualized classes being scheduled to meet the needs of the student. Reiki classes are offered on a monthly basis, please contact Susan Wisniewski ( or 304-876-3957) for more information.

Beginning Usui Reiki training includes a 6-hour Reiki level one course and a 6-hour Reiki level two course, each of which can be taken separately or on consecutive days.  The Reiki student may begin practicing using Reiki on them selves and others after completion of the Reiki level one course.

Reiki Master training is an advanced reiki training which increases the reiki practitioner’s abilities to use reiki on themselves and others and provides training on how to teach Reiki to others. This Reiki course is an 18 hour course, taught over 3 consecutive days.

Karuna Reiki training is a different type of Reiki and is offered as a three day course which teaches Karuna Reiki levels one and two and Karuna Reiki Master levels one and two.