Cats Don’t Need Closure…

Cats don’t need closure as they walk into the sunset to die. They slowly slip away, never looking back. They follow their natural urge to merge back with the Mother releasing their caregivers as they go. We had a kitty hospice situation this week and as the primary caregiver, I went through all the stages […]

Take the judgement challenge…


Years ago, I had the phenomenal opportunity to study with Rosalyn Bruyere and to learn at the feet of a wonderful, wise human being. As with most of my life’s teachers; sometimes she and I got along and sometimes we didn’t. Each seminar I received from her, we brought out different aspects of one another. […]

Historical Restoration


Re-alignment is my current middle name. I am in the process of historical restoration of my own mansion; my body. Who knew how damaging it would be to break a tailbone at five years old, a collarbone at six, one wrist at seven and the other wrist at eight?Who knew the pain I would suffer […]

Marriage Blessing and the gift of Energy from the Universe


Creator, Infinite Spirit, We gather together this day to celebrate and to honor this marriage. We acknowledge this marriage to be based on love, faith, hope and trust. Creator, Infinite Spirit, We ask for a Blessing. We ask that the Angels and Archangels join together in Blessing this marriage. We are grateful for the continuous […]