Flowers; perrenial gifts

Perennial Flowers are the gift that keeps giving; long after the friends who gifted these flowers have forgotten who you truly are   My flowers are dear friends Who spend time with me year after year Sharing our natures, Dependable, growth, Filled with beauty, light and wonder. Free of the past, always living in the […]

Time to Make Friends With Mom and Dad

I was the only one of my four siblings who went away to college and I only went 30 miles away from home to a small liberal Arts college. I lived in the dorms for 2 1/2 years and then I studied abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. While I lived with a Danish […]

Collecting Garbage with my Dad

While driving back from my second trip to the landfill today, I began thinking about how proud my dad would have been of his granddaughter and her ecological activities. Her choice to help clean up a messy environment would have been the same choice my dad would have made in the same situation. Then I […]