The sand-line was drawn when no one was there, Unaware of past transgressions, I still felt it tear. An absentee tribunal painted my guilt, Based on perceptions from a limited tilt. Connections ever-strained, as agreed by the souls, Prior contracts fulfilled, now spared the tolls. Solitary effort requires an inward gaze, Fueling the heart as […]

Collecting Garbage with my Dad


While driving back from my second trip to the landfill today, I began thinking about how proud my dad would have been of his granddaughter and her ecological activities. Her choice to help clean up a messy environment would have been the same choice my dad would have made in the same situation. Then I […]

How does one get started in the Healing Arts?


For me, it began with the desire to end suffering and discomfort; firstly, in myself, secondly, in my family and thirdly, in my friends. Years ago, I was inspired by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s statement from one of his Homeopathy books;‘ the best physicians were the ones who had suffered the most ailments.’ I connect this […]

Are you responsible or committed?


For the past couple of weeks this question has been posed by numerous clients. Are you responsible or committed? In my Reiki treatments of clients I tend to see themes which last for a period of time, where literally every person that comes in to see me has the same issue. This fact alone used to […]