Stepped into someone else’s dream today….


What amazes me most about the following experience is not how negative someone can get over nothing,but that I was able to stay present enough to observe the scene before me without getting pulled into it or without having my day ruined by someone else’s limited perceptions. In five short minutes, the hardware store employee […]

My old friends are still here….


Time was spent happily with the perennial beds this weekend; weeding interspersed itself amoung the other things on the ‘to-do’ list. It was five-minute bursts of weed-pulling out in the beautiful spring weather,getting plenty of dirt under my finger nails and then remembering what else needed to get done, cleaning the nails again and knocking […]

Are you smiling on the inside?


I have this internal knowing that is very clear the moment I open my eyes in the morning and realize a new day has begun. In an instant, I know if my energy is high or low, humming or depleted. Today, I woke up somewhere in the middle; not exactly humming and not exactly low. […]

knock, knock, who’s there?


We are all searching for answers, searching for soulmates, searching for happiness…How will we ever know which path to take, which door to open? Step one, I call off the search . Then I start knocking. The initial door to knock on is your own; see if you are home first. Have you taken the […]

Birth of a Blog


I stand on the precipice of the unknown, this time consciously. Consciously incompetent, knowing now what it is that I don’t know about; the land of the blogger. I take this leap of faith, content to be moving forward, moving at all, moving my moving. I welcome all to the land of my perception and […]