Chuck Stenzel; a life too short… a quick 35 years later


Eileen Stevens is one of my American heroes, and if her son, Chuck,  had not come from Long Island, New York to go to college in Crete, Nebraska, I would have never met her. Chuck was a handsome, fun-loving young man with thick wavy blond hair, blue eyes which always contained a sparkle and a killer […]

Putting Cindy’s memory to rest


 Note:   I wrote this 10 years ago and could only find the printed paper copy and not the Word document, so I had to scan it into my computer. Hence, there may still be typos that I missed from the scanning. I edited the writing last week.)      Background: For some reason, I […]

Three death day

Three death day I embrace death yet it still knocks me over, I welcome peace for the suffering yet find no peace tonight, I appreciate our continued journey on the other side yet resent living without them, I know infinite ways to heal the heart but cannot now stop my heart from breaking. Death takes […]

Flowers; perrenial gifts


Perennial Flowers are the gift that keeps giving; long after the friends who gifted these flowers have forgotten who you truly are   My flowers are dear friends Who spend time with me year after year Sharing our natures, Dependable, growth, Filled with beauty, light and wonder. Free of the past, always living in the […]

I Rise Up Out of My Own Ashes ~~~ This I Believe Essay


I believe that what happens in our lives, to us, is what forms us, molds our character, creates our story. Each of us has a story that has been formed by our life events and what we may not realize is that our story, does not have to define us. We can heal all the […]