Notes From My Spiritual Journey

My Catholic mother prays daily that I find my way back to the Catholic Church. I pray daily that my family be surrounded by divine light and love and that the Angels continue to bless us, protect us and guide us. I started out as such a good little Catholic girl, walking to Mass on […]

The Gift and Blessing from Mary


I’m a believer; it’s true, I have already drank the kool-aid in the realm of Spirituality and still I am humbled and awed by the healing I received within the “Mary House” in a recent visit to Turkey.  I have been experiencing the amazing realm of our Spiritual nature for decades now and have learned […]

Chuck Stenzel; a life too short… a quick 35 years later


Eileen Stevens is one of my American heroes, and if her son, Chuck,  had not come from Long Island, New York to go to college in Crete, Nebraska, I would have never met her. Chuck was a handsome, fun-loving young man with thick wavy blond hair, blue eyes which always contained a sparkle and a killer […]